Soon you can discover the town of Eersel by foot!

A special announcement! In two weeks a new ByAR app will launch, but there’s something different to it this time…

In this new app, called Ervaar Eersel!, all the routes are created by youngsters! For the past few weeks the 2nd year students of the Rythovius College in Eersel have been working very hard to create their own routes for this new app. Rythovius offers special Talent Classes for extra motivated students, including a Science class. The students of this Science class have been working on this project with great enthusiasm!

Marlies Jasper, teacher of the Science class, is impressed by the devotion of the students: “They are doing their very best to create the most wonderful content for the app; from using bridal dresses to visiting an animal farm. They are spending all their free time to make the most of this Science Class project!”

The app will feature several routes throughout Eersel with themes like nature, music and fairytales. All the content is created by the students, including the stories that will be told.

Do-it-yourself app

Ofcourse we (at Dutch Rose Media) have been guiding the students a little bit, but most of the routes have been created by the students themselves. Using our Content Managament System (CMS), almost everyone is able to complete their own ByAR app. Creating your own route, adding points of interest and adding content gets super easy with this CMS. This way a ByAR app could even be seen as a DIY app!


Official release date

The Ervaar Eersel app will be officially released on Friday april 21st at 9.00 AM at the Rythovius College. All the young creators will be there and ofcourse everyone will get the chance to walk the diverse routes throughout the town of Eersel. Would you like to join us? Send an e-mail to to receive more information!