Snap Map: the new location-based feature on Snapchat

Everyday millions of people worldwide use Snapchat. To keep so many users satisfied, Snapchat has to keep on coming with new and innovative features. Especially when other social media apps, such as Instagram and Messenger, keep on copying one another. That’s why Snapchat updates their face filters daily and introduces a new feature every once in a while. We find the latest feature very neat. Why? Because it’s a location-based one!


A treasure map in your pocket

This is not the first time Snapchat offers a location-based feature. Their already existing Geofilters feature offers filters and photo frames only available on specific locations. Imagine seeing a special Disney filter whenever you’re at Disney World or a filter designed by another person only to be seen and used on the location of their choosing.

Now Snapchat introduces Snap Map, a feature that shows where your friends are and what is happening in your neighborhood. The concept is based on the app Zenly, which was bought by Snapchat for about $25o million in May this year. You can use an avatar to show where you are and share a photo or video on that exact location. See what your friends are doing and where they’re doing it. Besides that, everyone can share public Stories on location, to show what exactly is happening there. See where the cool concerts are, see to what parties your friends are going and even discover if there’s a strike of some sort nearby. And yes, you’re even able to see what’s happening all around you in ghost mode, so other people won’t know you’re spying on them.

Location-based everything!

Snapchat introduced this feature not only to get people up-to-date about the activities in their neighborhood, but also to help them get out there, into the real world. And that’s exactly what we, with ByAR, want to accomplish as well: to let people experience happenings and discover locations, right on the spot. Get out of your easy chair and actually go there!

It’s remarkable to see that smartphone users are coming to appreciate location-based features more and more. Both the popularity of the Pokémon GO game last year and the (easy to use) feature on Instagram to share the location of your photo show this growing interest in ‘location awareness’. This, for us, shows that the world is ready for location-based! At the moment it’s merely location-based sharing that’s gaining popularity, but it won’t be long until location-based storytelling & gaming will influence our daily lives. Well, we are ready!


(images via Snapchat)