Search for Augmented gnomes in Valkenswaard!


Today is the day: it marks the beginning of a special gnome search in the woods of Valkenswaard! Today the official Wandelweek (April 15 to 23) begins and with that the introduction of the Augmented Reality treasure hunt called ‘het Kabouterbos’.

Carrying an actual knapsack and the Augmented Reality app on their (parents’) phones, kids can now explore the woods in search for hidden gnomes. A digital dowsing rod guides them, uncovering the most fun route throughout the forest with several little gnomes hidden behind mushrooms and hanging at branches. These gnomes can’t be seen in real life…Only when looking through your smartphone’s screen they appear. Make sure gnome Woudje finds back all his friends!

Wandelweek Valkenswaard

The app release will be held today at Harba Lorifa in Valkenswaard. After the Wandelweek has ended, this Augmented Reality game can be kept playing, make sure to check VVV Valkenswaard and Harba Lorifa. More information about the release can be found on the Wandelweek Valkenswaard website.


Watch the trailer below to get a little sneak peek of the Kabouterbos!