Join the mayor of Waalre for a walk!

Dutch Rose Media has created  3 brand new ByAR walking tours with the help of IVN (Institute for Nature Protection Education). These three tours of 4-5km through the nature and forest areas of Waalre and Valkenswaard can be found in the ByAR app called “Ons Bos”.

Heikant tour

Nowadays time machines don’t need to be size of a car anymore! With Ons Bos you can have a pocket-sized time machine! In the Heikant tour you can almost imagine being in the year 1600. Lord Huibrecht van Clusen will accompany you through an inspection tour on his property. Lord Huibrecht and the people of the IVN will tell you all kind of interesting trivia about the area and nature, both past and present.

Aalsterheide tour

Do you love walks through nature and forests? Do you want to know more about the interesting trees, plants and animals you encounter? But you don’t want to join an organized tour with a park ranger and lots of other people? With the Aalsterheide tour you can explore all this all by yourself. Enjoy the scenery to the max, complemented with AR and audio. During the tour the IVN will tell you about history of the lovely nature reserve and what kind of flora and fauna you can encounter here.

Gemeentehuis tour

Do you want to know more about the history of villages in Brabant, besides nature, but you don’t want to have to drag around piles of paper guides? The Gemeentehuis route is the way to go. You will be accompanied by Mayor Brenninkmeijer, whom will guide you through Waalre and Valkenswaard and tell you about the rich history, culture and nature of these villages.

Want to know more about these tours? Download the Ons Bos app for free in the App Store or Google Play Store, go out and explore! Discover the power of location-based storytelling with Augmented Reality!