Infographic: Brabant loves to move!

Many times we notice that our target group enjoys life to the fullest! Hiking, biking, gaming; people who are living the good life. Since we want to offer the most wonderful experiences with our ByAR apps, it isn’t such a bad idea to do some research every once in a while. Most of our apps are being developed for regions in Brabant, so when we found a research report about hikers and bikers in North-Brabant by Routebureau Brabant we were thrilled.

Listing all the points

And well, we could list all the interesting facts in a blog post, but perhaps that isn’t the most inspiring way. Thus we came up with something else: our creative interns have worked very hard en designed a very cool infographic with all the highlights of the research report. Behold the infographic below! Let’s face it: isn’t this the most enjoyable way to look at your research?

We used the following images for the design of the infographic:
Reizen vectoren designed by Freepik
Liefde vectoren designed by Freepik