This is how Deurne avoids drowning!

As one of the hottest topics in recent years, we’re sure you are aware of it: climate change. It’s an everyday business. Global warming causes extreme weather conditions which will occur more and more often. Because of that, days with heavy rainfall are more likely to appear, which causes floods more frequently.

Nowadays, the local government of Deurne is taking up the battle against the water and fights it with very divergent measures. These measures must draw the citizens to attention by an augmented reality hike in the ‘Virtueel Deurne’ app.

Rain isn’t boring at all

“Help, it’s raining!” The name of the route says it all. Lately, Deurne is continually struggling with floods due to heavy rainfall. An employee of the field staff, named Ron, is guiding you through the centre of Deurne and shows you all the precautions for the floods. He tells you, among other things, about infiltration facilities, pumping stations and the sewage system. The augmented reality app challenges you to get yourself out of your lazy chair and explore Deurne by foot. Four kilometers and seventeen points of interest later, you will know everything what Deurne is doing to keep itself from drowning.

Curious? Download the Virtueel Deurne app and go on an adventure yourself! Available for iOS and Android.

This post was written by Dan Michels