Your very own Pokémon Go

  • Let your audience catch as many hidden characters as they can

  • Make it possible to collect items, prizes and trophies

  • Let the world be your playground!

Imagine! What if you could have your own Pokémon GO game? With gnomes, animals or monsters. Create your very own version of the popular Augmented Reality game and encourage people of all ages to go out and play. Make it possible with a ByAR location-based game.

your story

Let your audience go on an exciting quest where they can meet funny gnomes or hunt mystical creatures . Use the ByAR software to compile your own Augmented Reality story and characters.

placed anywhere

Behind a tree, on a bridge or in the middle of a market place. You decide where your characters will be placed and where they can be caught.

play and learn

Ofcourse location-based gaming can be used for educational purposes as well. Link information and educational content to a character, exact location or hidden item. Teach through gaming!