Our ByAR software has already been adopted by several organizations for their own branded apps. Get an impression from all the existing ByAR apps below.


Ons Bos – Discover the forest in a new way

Discover the nature reserve ‘De Groote Heide’. From mindfulness to sport and from history to photography. Get to know nature in a whole new way.



Knooppunt Vught – living history

Experience the history of the beautiful town Vught, which harbours many rich historical and cultural places. Relive history right in front of you.



EHV Walks – Get to know a smart city

Eindhoven: the heart of one of the smartest regions in the world. Discover its stories in EHV Walks and get to know the city’s identity.



Van Gogh’s Streken – Meet a true artist

Discover one of the most beautiful regions of Brabant by bike. Find out why Vincent van Gogh loved these idyllic region.

Wandel in Bergeijk app

Wandel in Bergeijk – Big stories in a small village

Smuggle stories, a close bond with Gerrit Rietveld and a world famous textile industry. Discover these important stories with the Wandel in Bergeijk app.



Hoofd-Stad – Braintainment with augmented reality

Discover the most fun and exciting places of Leeuwarden while positively influencing your brain.



Ervaar Eersel – Stories by youngsters

The youth of Eersel knows how to tell stories! Students of the Rythovius College in Eersel created their own Augmented Reality routes.



Kabouterbos – Augmented Gaming with Gnomes

Little creatures have hid themselves in the woods of Valkenswaard: behind trees, under mushrooms and hanging from trees. Hunt for Augmented gnomes with this special Augmented Reality app.


Virtueel Deurne – AR rain walk

Rain doesn’t have to be boring! In Deurne you can now discover all about rain in a fun way with Augmented Reality, guided by your personal virtual guide Ron.